06 April, 2016

My daddy is a pretzel : yoga for parents and kids by Baron Baptiste

If you enjoy yoga and are looking for a fun way to introduce some asanas to a young reader, then this is the book for you! Internationally renowned yoga instructor, Baron Baptiste, uses a clever fiction framework to introduce nine basic yoga poses.

This story is written from the perspective of a classroom, with each child sharing what job their parent does.

The main character then refers to a yoga pose that their dad can do that relates to that particular job.

I liked the author's idea of not revealing the main character's gender. By keeping the gender ambiguous and
 also having a father as a yogi, this book can be used amongst children of both sexes.

Children will love the simple explanation of the philosophy behind each pose. This not too technical approach shows children how yoga relates to everyday life.

What really makes this book child friendly is the manner in which the award winning illustrator, Sophie Fatus, uses delightful bright coloured illustrations to show how each pose can be achieved. Her simple and effective style ensures that even the most exercise shy will attempt to try the positions shown.

As a parent, I found the author's introduction and his additional tips at the back of the book on yoga preparation and practice to be most useful.

I have used this book many times and have found that it is a fantastic way to capture the attention of curious children. This book is aimed at children, but can also be used as a simple and effective way to introduce yoga to other (older) family members.

Title: My daddy is a pretzel : yoga for parents and kids.
Author: Baron Baptiste

Recommended by Neeli G, Albany Village Library

Neeli G has an interest in health and the history of Africa. In her spare time, she drives a white van and pretends she is on a top secret mission initiated by Mma Ramotswe.

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