10 March, 2016

The good life on Te Muna Road by Deborah Coddington

Deborah Coddington, ex Act MP, returns to the country life she loves on a Martinborough vineyard with her new husband Colin Carruthers QC.

Her first life in the town was back in the 70's when she met publisher Alistair Taylor and moved into his large villa Waiura. This was the hippy era of communal living  and the stream of guests passing through is fascinating. Sam Hunt, Tim Shadbolt, Dun Mihaka, Peter Bush and Robin Morrison to name just a few.  It all comes to an end when debt-ridden Alistair is forced to leave town.

Decades later after various stints as a journalist, restaurateur and parliamentarian, she returns to find the booming wine industry is thriving in Martinborough.

Getting to know the neighbours and becoming part of a close knit community has been an obvious highlight for Deborah. Unlike the city, people help each other and rally around to fund raise for various causes.

Ode to small town New Zealand, it can sound a little idyllic at times. No traffic jams, crime or homelessness (strong winds seem to be the only downside!)

Aucklanders wanting to cash up and have a quieter life will be rushing down to the Wairarapa after reading this well written, entertaining memoir.

Title: The good life on Te Muna Road
Author: Deborah Coddington

Recommended by Claire S, Central Library

Claire S works in Information Services, Central Library. Reading interests include biographies,art, New Zealand.

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