21 March, 2016

Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In is part sci-fi part police procedural. Set in the near future, the Hayden virus has spread across the globe, for those who are infected many experience nothing worse than a mild flu, however for the unlucky one percent the virus causes locked in syndrome leaving the victim unable to move or speak but fully awake and aware.

Over the next twenty-five year’s technology is developed to help Hayden suffers interact with the world. Medical pods are developed to keep their paralyzed bodies safe, a virtual world is created for Haden suffers to inhabit, robotic bodies are made to allow them to interact with the physical world and a new profession called “Integrators” emerges, an integrator can rent out their bodies to Hayden suffers allowing them to experience sensations they could not in a robotic body.

Chris Shane FBI agent and Hayden sufferer has been paired with veteran agent Leslie Vann to investigate a murder involving an integrator suspect who had let out his body at the time of the murder, which should be impossible as an integrator can eject a user if they choose to.
The government is under pressure to reduce the amount of money spent on Hayden issues and tension is high between the Hayden infected and non-infected. As the government withdraws services private organisations step in to make a quick profit.    

The main characters Chris and Leslie are well drawn and interesting and the plot is well thought out and well-paced. If you are a fan of police procedural/ mysteries, it’s a good read.

Title: Lock In
Author: John Scalzi

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray L enjoys horror, sci-fi, fantasy and mystery books.

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