22 March, 2016

Kiss of steel by Bec McMasters

Kiss of Steel is set in a dark and gritty steam-punk London. Humans are ruled over by an echelon of aristocratic ‘Blue-Bloods’ (Blue-Bloods = pretty, pale, blood suckers; Vampires = blue-bloods gone all yuck). It is a world with werewolves, servant robots and metal-jackets… Oh yes!

Honoria is a bright and proper young woman living in the dingiest part of London known as the rookeries. She must seek the help of the super hunky protector of the underground known as Blade. Honoria must deal with the legacy her father has left her, the pressure of raising two siblings, the danger posed by the sinister Vickers and the studly advances of Blade if she wishes to survive. Enough to be getting on with then.

I’m hardly the target audience for this book (Bec McMaster: “But what about my core 30 something male audience?”) but I thought I’d try something different. It was difficult finding something I didn’t put back on the shelf after two pages so a big shout out to smartbitchestrashybooks.com for the recommendation. Admittedly I felt the chemistry between Honoria and Blade was… what it was, but the story was entertaining and fast moving. McMaster also paints an engaging world and pulls off a really fresh take on vampire fiction. So thumbs up!

If you like resourceful women with giant handguns, swaggering cockney rouges and a good dose of steam-punk then Kiss of steel is a great read. Add in some sexual tension and you have a great excuse for a long sit down.  

Title: Kiss of steel                              
Author: Bec McMaster

Recommended by James W Mangere Bridge Library

James W heard Romance is dead. But apparently it was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece. *cough* Simpsons *cough*

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