11 March, 2016

Front runner by Felix Francis [christine, Takapuna Library]

Front Runner

Dick Francis taught me all that I know about horse racing.  His son, Felix has the same happy ability to show that world whilst telling a rattling good adventure story.

A race jockey's life may look exciting and glamorous but the physical toll is very high.  Jockeys have to half-starve themselves and limit their liquids before a race, to minimise their weight. So they are performing tasks that require strength and mental agility whilst dehydrated.... and there is always the possibility of being thrown from a horse.

Here, Jeff is an undercover investigator employed to ensure the winners get their places by speed of the horse and skill of the jockey, plus of course, luck.  He finds plenty of scams. 
One very successful jockey calls him and intimates that he is being blackmailed to lose but before Jeff can find out who the blackmailer is, the jockey commits suicide.  Jeff is convinced that he was murdered and strongly suspects that more jockeys are being blackmailed to also lose. 

Title: Front runner
Author, Felix Francis

Reviewed by Christine O.
Christine O has worked in North Shore libraries for over 20 years. She likes her fiction to be credible and her nonfiction to be accessible

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