30 March, 2016

Flower Addict by Saskia Havekes

Saskia Havekes  specialises in boutique floral art, creating for the likes of Vogue fashion shoots and high end (think lofty peak, boy-the-air-is-thin-up-here high) corporate and society functions.

This book  captures some of those creations, and in the process provides  a visual feast for your eyes. It is an oasis for the tired, the jaded, those in need of rest and respite from the mechanics of day to day life, those that feel a touch of melancholy at the thought of winter with its grey and cold. Medicine in book form if you will.

The perfect book to take home for 28 days and position lovingly on the coffee table where you dip into each night and gaze at a floral masterpiece until sated.

No matter if you need to return it after 28 days due to someone else wanting it (how dare they), Saskia Havekes has two other books, so potentially you can wander through more of her floral wonderlands.

Everything about this book is beautiful, not just the content and creativity, the physical presence of the book, Lantern publishing always do a fine job in crafting their books, so much so that I think of them as covet books, books you yearn to own. Take this book out and ease your way into Autumn.

Title: Flower Addict
Author: Saskia Havekes

Reviewed by: Sue W

Sue W obeys her cats and lives to please them, sometimes she is permitted  free time to read so long as she answers the service bell when it rings.

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