14 March, 2016

Bill Cunningham's New York

I am hopelessly out of date when it comes to films and admit with some embarrassment  that I am only now extolling the virtues of this beautiful film, some four, that's right FOUR years after it has been released. Don't be judgey. Some of you watch movies with the same regularity that you sit down for dinner, whereas books are my go-to for relaxation.

Like the total ignoramus that I am, I found this DVD and thought "ohhh something on New York! Who is Bill Cunningham?" I'm telling you this so you know you don't need to have a prior knowledge of Bill Cunningham, more of an interest in the vibrancy of New York, and the changing landscape of street fashion from the  people that flow through its streets.

Here's a random interesting thing I found; Anna Wintour does actually smile, she is not a robot. Get her to talk about Bill Cunningham and she thaws. Fashionistas from all levels of the industry adore Bill.

Bill is an icon of the NY streets snapping street fashion, using his incredible eye for detail and artistic flair, firing off an array of images and providing them to the big name fashion publishers.

If its not the fashion and the magic of the image,  that grabs you, I guarantee you will fall in love with the sheer beauty of Bill Cunningham. What an amazing, humble joyous man, deriving pleasure from such simple things in life. He is energised by the creativity of the people he sees around him, sharing this visually through his photography and fiercely protecting his autonomy through refusing to be on anyone's payroll.

Simplicity of lifestyle, following one's passion and having a curiosity in people and an genuine warmth and appreciation for the changing landscape of life seem to the attributes that make this humble, very private man so remarkable.

Watch it, and you'll top up your feel good levels, think of it as visual serotonin to inoculate you against the doldrums of soon-to-be-here winter.

Psssst...I forgot to mention, it's a documentary so you get to have it FREE and for 28 days-boom!

Title:Bill Cunningham's New York
Author: the New York Times and First Thought Films

Reviewed by Sue W (Central Library)

Sue W obeys her cats, and lives to please them. Sometimes she is allowed some free time to read, so long as she answers the service bell when it rings. 

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