21 March, 2016

A table in the orchard : my delicious life by Michelle Crawford

Before my position at Central Library, there was a smaller library in Rodney, in a town where you could turn in every direction and in the distance you could only see green. After spending every day in the city, reminiscing is bound to happen.

Michelle Crawford (of blog hugo and elsa) is living my dream - the 'simple' country life, where she and her small, growing family spend their spare moments growing potatoes, apple scrumping (from their own orchard?) and despairing over the amount of roosters she accidentally bought one day. In Huon, Tasmania, Michelle has wrangled her house and garden into shape... and then written a book about it.

A Table in the Orchard: My Delicious Life is like a diary entry of how Crawford found 'home' in a small town in Tasmania, how she accidentally grew edibles over her (overflowing) septic tank, how she became obsessed with planting apple trees and all the other good and bad things that come with small-town rural country living.

With recipes to make you wish you were within walking distance to a farmers market (which I am not) and photos to show you how truly beautiful rural life is, A Table in the Orchard is enough to make a city-dweller think about selling up and moving away from the hustle and bustle. And if this is already your life, then you can probably take pride in the fact that there is at least one person (me) who is desperately jealous of you.

Title: A table in the orchard : my delicious life
Author: Michelle Crawford

Recommended by Dana S, Central Library

Dana S has had one dream her whole life: to own chickens (oh, make that two - she'd like to win the lottery as well). Unfortunately, the 'burbs in Auckland don't make such a nice place to raise chickens, but that's why she likes to read books about people who do, and is fond of romanticizing gardening, composting and noisy farm animals. Dana is very good at conveniently forgetting that most of these things include poop and/or mud, which, inconveniently, she doesn't enjoy.

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