07 March, 2016

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

With three degrees in biology, anthropology and French, it might be a surprise that Molly Wizenberg made a career focusing on food. But as with all marvelous things the internet has provided us with (cat videos & google maps being the other things), blogging - and rather the chance to spin your passions and hobbies into careers – has made way for talented writers to share their voice.

A Homemade Life, Molly’s first book, was published in 2009, five years after she had decided to leave her PhD programme and start her popular foodie/life blog Orangette. It is written in a series of chapters about some of her favourite people coupled by some of their favourite recipes. Roughly chronological, Molly’s nostalgia and tributes will touch your heart and make your stomach grumble. 

Much like her blog, the book makes you feel like you have been invited into a dear friend’s kitchen for a cup of tea and a chat. From dealing with her father passing away, to living in Seattle while falling for a man in New York, Molly life is rich in the wonderful, normal day-to-day events that make up a life.

While this book is not about a great leader, a famous fashion icon or a re-known comedian, Molly Wizenberg is a current, likable, glass half full (of whole milk & cocoa) kind of girl! Which is peachy for me, because I have fallen in lunch with her simple, delicious recipes and the stories that go with them.

P.S. I apologize for the terrible food puns.

Author: Molly Wizenberg

Also available as an eBook

Reviewed by Suzy D, Mt Albert Library

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