23 February, 2016

Walking the Camino [DVD Recording]: six ways to Santiago

I have always been fascinated with pilgrimages. My first experience with pilgrimages was when I had watched a movie called "The Way" which showed one man’s chance to give his son his very last adventure of helping him to finish the Camino de Santiago.

"Walking the Camino" shows the true documentary side of the pilgrimage, the reasons why the pilgrims travel along the Camino, what they want to accomplish and the difficulties they face along the trail. This movie follows the story of six of the pilgrims (all different ages), each with a different story and outcome of what they achieve.

It will definitely appeal to the wanderlust that might be contained within you because there is something ever so slightly exciting but calming about the fact that all you have to do each day on this or any other pilgrimage, is walk. I like the sense of uncertainty, the overcoming of adversity and the triumphs that each pilgrim faces.  It makes me feel like I too should buy a plane ticket, a sturdy backpack and boots and see if I can complete a 800km/500 miles pilgrimage. But then again, maybe not.

Title: Walking the Camino [DVD Recording]: six ways to Santiago
Author: Lynda B Smith

Recommended by Emma W

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