07 February, 2016

Color me creative : unlock your imagination by Kristina Webb

This book is really cool. It's  partly an autobiography of web-sensation and talented artist, Kristina Webb, and partly an art challenge book. There are some cute ideas in this book, designed by Kristina, which would be perfect  for a creative teen, (or adult for that matter). If you're an artist, like being creative or just need that little push to get back into creating, read this book and try out some of Kristina's art challenges. It is also full of her own artwork.

Considering just how young she is she has had quite an interesting life, with an exotic up-bringing compared to most children. She was born in Tauranga, but as a child she has lived on a remote tropical island, the Gold Coast in Australia and then on a yacht before finally moving back to NZ. She had a fair share of ups and downs, especially in her teenage years, (which is when she went to the USA as an exchange student), but her love of art grew and grew.

It is her passion for drawing which is a constant throughout her life, and with social media sites such as Tumblr and Instagram (@colour_me_creative),  she managed to get an on-line following of  many thousands while still a teenager, in fact she topped a million while writing this book! This led to magazine articles, live radio and television shows, and finally - this book! It shows you that if you follow your passion wholeheartedly, then it is possible in this day and age of the internet to fulfill your dream. Go Kristina, (and to think she is only at the beginning of her adult career)

Title: Color me creative : unlock your imagination
Author: Kristina Webb

Also available as an eBook

Recommended by Anita S, Blockhouse Bay Library

Anita S reads widely and eclectically, but most often random non-fiction fact books, good general and teen fiction, (often dystopian future types), fantasy and sci-fi if they cover a new angle on something, kids books and ... actually she'll take a look at most stuff. Books are great! She also loves art and illustration.

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