23 February, 2016

As night falls by Jenny Milchman

Some books read like an episode of a television crime show, and this is one of them.

Sandy, her husband Ben, and daughter Ivy live in Ben's ‘dream’ home in the Adirondack Mountains. Life is pretty much OK but Ivy is getting to the rebellious age when she is starting to assert herself and question her parents. One evening Ivy is in her room after an argument with her mother when seemingly at random, two men force their way into the house.

Nick and Harlan are escaped convicts looking for supplies to help them get to Canada. But that’s not the whole story: there’s another reason why Nick has chosen Sandy’s home and as the ordeal continues, it is gradually revealed. A sudden snowstorm traps everyone in the house and the personalities of the convicts emerge; sadistic and violent Nick and simple, easily–led Harlan. The tension rises as the desperate family try to escape.

There is plenty of action to keep you reading and the interaction between the characters adds an interesting dimension. We see more than one side to all of them and our initial impressions of each are reformed as the novel progresses. Vivid descriptions of the ordeal and the setting draw you in to the action.

A good atmospheric thriller - don’t read this alone at home!

Title: As night falls
Author: Jenny Milchman

Reviewed by Kathy N, Collections Development

Kathy N can’t sleep unless she has read a bit before turning the light off. As well as most fiction, she enjoys craft and lifestyle books to get project ideas for her rural home. She spends most of her working day buying books for Auckland Libraries.

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