23 January, 2016

The pajama girls of Lambert Square by Sara Donati

The Pyjama Girls Of Lambert Square, Sara Donati
Lambert Square is the shopping centre of a South Carolina town, its heart.   There are cafes and bars, shops selling most everything that you could need and services that you could want plus residents living over their workplaces.  You would never need to leave, and that is what Julia does, she lives in pyjamas (rather classy ones) and seems never to leave Lambert Square.

John is the opposite, he is always moving on.  He buys small failing businesses, turns them 'round, sells them and moves on to the next venture. So, he comes to this town having bought a stationary shop, sight unseen. He charms the existing staff, and starts to learn about his customers. 

Both John and Julia are competent business people and there is an attraction between them but they are cautious of commitment because they realise their attitudes to place are wildly different.

There are no villains here in Lambert Square, but some characters are more likeable than others, with an interesting tension between those born and bred in Carolina and the welcome yet unsettling newcomers.

Don't be misled by the cover, these two girls in sunfrocks have nothing to do with the story.

Author: Sara Donati

Reviewed by Christine O. 

Christine has worked in North Shore Libraries for over 20 years. She likes her fiction to be credible and her nonfiction to be accessible. 

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