15 January, 2016

The little book of hangovers by Quentin Parker

This is a little pocket sized book which caught my eye, but I had to take a second look at the title.  I had assumed it was The Little Book of Hangover Cures, but no, it is The Little Book of Hangovers.

Inside it is packed with facts, recipes, tests, sayings, and ‘old wives tales’ - to inform and amuse the reader.  Many of the pages are completely black with white text, which stands out dramatically and seems appropriate for those who may be suffering from a hangover. Incidentally there are a number of spelling errors throughout (mainly letters transposed) imitating a drunk slurring words over.

In keeping with the title, the book describes various types of hangover – from The Basic to The Soul sucker, and explains how each should be cured.  But before this section though, there is the ‘Before the Hangover’ chapter in which the author describes a variety of drinking games.  Then there are the various tests to determine just how drunk you are.  Things like having to pronounce tricky words (‘preliminary’, ‘loquacious’, ‘millennium’, ‘unequivocal’) or reciting tongue twisters. Following this are ‘the myths’ of hangover cures.  Finally there are “The Recipes – Food to make you feel good”. This section provides a number of simple recipes for food and meals you might feel like when you are suffering.

This is a fun little book which is not to be taken too seriously, and as it says on the jacket ”…this book is bursting with tests, recipes and cures to help you survive the shakes, sweats and shame”.

Title: The little book of hangovers
Author: Quentin Parker
Recommended by: Ana, Central Library

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