25 January, 2016

The Bridge: the complete series two

I am not one to borrow a 28 day loan DVD with three Cd’s in it at a busy time over Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I decided to take it as a customer recommended it to me. I am glad I did, as it was so interesting and I couldn’t wait till I got to the very end of this Scandinavian drama based on a bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark. There was so much I learnt by watching this series. The detectives Saga and Martin are played by accomplished actors who have performed flawlessly in their challenging roles. Saga acts like a person who has no social skills while her partner Martin the detective she works with, tries to make her aware of how to live in the real world. Both of them are good at their jobs and try to avert a major disaster at the EU summit which would have left a highly dangerous virus from infecting innocent people.

Watching this series made me find out how the two countries worked with the bridge as a connection, as it made me aware of how angry people might behave if their fears are not addressed. I also looked at the Bridge and how it was a modern masterpiece. I have requested the first series and I can’t wait to get it, though I know I am watching it the other way round.
I hope you like it, just as I did. If you are looking for something which is nail biting and full of suspense till the very end-this DVD is the answer! A big thank you to Sofia Helin who portrays Saga and Kim Bodnia who is Martin.

Title: The Bridge The complete series two 
Authors: Hans Rosenfeldt, Björn Stein, Sofia Helin, Kim Bodnia, Dag Malmberh, Ellen Hillingsø, Anders Landström, Bo Ehrhardt, Kathrine Windfeld, Morten Arnfred, Mikael Hansson, Måns Mårlind

Want to start at the beginning? Find series one here.

Reviewed by KanchanT, Blockhouse Bay Library
Kanchan T loves to read books on different topics but her recent interest has been in fast paced adventure based series DVDs.

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