27 January, 2016

Spark by Rachael Craw

Rachael Craw is here and taking New Zealand young adult literature to new levels! 

Seventeen year old Evie is a Shield, a product of a decades old experiment gone wrong who is bound by DNA to defend a Spark — who just so happens to be her best friend from certain death. 

While Evie comes to terms with her newfound abilites, she must also keep an eye out for threats that could come from anywhere, or else risk losing someone important to her.

The writing is sharp, fresh, and fast-paced, and it's a fantastic debut from a new author.

The second book in the series, Stray, is also available. 

Title: Spark
Author: Rachael Craw

Also available as an eBook

Recommended by Sucheta R, Grey Lynn Library

Sucheta R is based in Grey Lynn Library. When she doesn't read, she has an overflowing shelf full of books and an ever-growing to-be-read pile. When she does read, it’s two or three books at the same time: a few chapters here, a few chapters there and a few more somewhere else. Sucheta likes dystopian sci-fi, contemporary fantasy, satire, young adult and the occasional classic.

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