21 January, 2016

Simply Tuesday : small-moment living in a fast-moving world. by Emily P. Freeman

Over the Christmas period I have found myself gravitating towards books that will restore my calm, sooth the frazzled soul and allow a portal into a space that is quiet and peaceful.

Often the volume of life  seems tuned to level scream with messages of buy more, faster, better, reduce, improve, emulate. I want to do the birth right of all library workers and do a  big finger to mouth  Shhhhh!

So this is my compilation of some the gems I have found over the past couple of months. If you find yourself following Gretchen Rubin’s writings on happiness and fulfillment or would like to know more about mindfulness from considered writers, these titles are very worthy.

All of these titles are written by Christian writers and avoid the woolly,  overly sweet tone that is a dominant feature of some Christian authors. Each writer included  has their own distinctive voice which is quietly compelling with a beautifully clean way of crafting words and getting to  the arteries of life.

I found each of these books  resonated deeply with me and the general flavour of one book segued effortlessly into the next.

You know that future re-readings of these books will doubtless shed new insights and yes they really are that good. So here they are, from me to you, you’re welcome!

Author: Leeana Tankersley

Author: Ann Voskamp

Reviewed by: Sue W, Central library

Sue W obeys her cats, and lives to please them. Sometimes she is allowed some free time to read, so long as she answers the service bell when it rings. 

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