11 January, 2016

Invisible Ellen by Shari Shattuck

syndetics-lcEllen Homes chooses to be invisible, she has perfected the art of staying un-noticed and on the side-lines. She has deep rooted problems that have made her an observer of life but not much of a participant. If people don't notice her they can't hurt her, but an impulsive decision to help someone in trouble changes her life.

Temerity is blind, so she has her own challenges to face, but she embraces life to the max.  She doesn't see or care that Ellen is overweight and has a scarred face, but she does see her as a person, which to Ellen is unusual and a little uncomfortable. Meeting Temerity is just the first step in bringing Ellen out of her shell, (just a little), and no, this isn't one of those stories where the fat girl becomes skinny and gains confidence, it is a little more real than that. Ellen has real issues that she only just starts to tackle.

This is such a good book! It's funny, witty, adventurous, heartfelt, a little sad, but very real.
If you enjoy this book there is a sequel as well: Becoming Ellen, which I would also recommend as it takes Ellen further out of her shell.

Title: Invisible Ellen
Author: Shari Shattuck

Recommended by Anita S, Blockhouse Bay Library

Anita S reads widely and eclectically, but most often random non-fiction fact books, good general and teen fiction, (often dystopian future types), fantasy and sci-fi if they cover a new angle on something, kids books and ... actually she'll take a look at most stuff. Books are great! She also loves art and illustration.

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