19 January, 2016

Good money by J.M. Green

Do you like your protagonists humorous, slightly flawed, authentic? Then you will enjoy Stella Hardy.

Stella is not your ordinary lead character in a crime novel. She’s not a cop, she’s not male, she’s not young and she’s not particularly attractive. Her life is a bit of a jumble with complicated relationships with friends and family. In other words, she’s human.
Somehow through her job as a social worker, Stella finds herself involved in the murder investigation of a young African migrant. At the same time her neighbour goes missing. There’s a connection somewhere and Stella is determined to find out what it is.

Set in Melbourne’s west, this crime novel shatters stereotypes (apart from a Kiwi thug) and is written in a unique, fresh voice. There’s a lot of humour and wit sprinkled through the writing and with a plot that races from Melbourne to the outback, this is an entertaining read.
J M Green is a librarian and I’m guessing has read a few stories aloud in her time - have a listen to her reading an excerpt of the book to get an idea of what you can look forward to.

This is the first book featuring Stella with a second title to come. Available in print and eBook versions, this is a great series to start following.

Title: Good money
Author: J.M. Green

Reviewed by Kathy N, Collections Development

Kathy N can’t go to sleep unless she has read a bit before turning the light off. As well as most fiction, she enjoys craft and lifestyle books to get project ideas for her rural home. She spends most of her working day buying books for Auckland Libraries.

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