21 December, 2015

The adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

This book is gorgeousness personified. As tasty and delicious as the petit fours alluded to in the title. I want this book, I covet it. Are you listening Santa?

We’ve classified it under children’s books yet it has something to offer up to so many different people. If you have a penchant for whimsy, stylish writing and  an eye for the unusual, you will love this book.

Miss Petit four is a stylish being with her sixteen cats enjoying all sorts of adventures. She is  somehow a blend of Audrey Hepburn and Mary Poppins, with the flying and all.

I love Miss Petit four, I think I want to be her, 16 cats? We have a house limit of two. This is Anne Michaels’ first book for children and what an outstanding result. Her body of work has established her as a writer of pedigree in both adult fiction, and poetry.

I can imagine this book would be a great fit as a gift for a hard to buy for adult or perhaps a writer regardless of their audience. And of course, children will adore this book, thereby securing your position as best gift giver 2015.

Title: The adventures of Miss Petitfour
Author: Anne Michaels
Reviewed by Sue W

Sue obeys her cats, and lives to please them. Sometimes she is allowed some free time to read, so long as she answers the service bell when it rings. 

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