10 December, 2015

Best day on earth - the world's most extraordinary experiences from dawn till after dark.

This is an impressive picture book which celebrates our spectacular nature and the diversity of civilisation on earth.  There are over 150 colour photographs, one per page, with a large paragraph of description for each.

While the book covers practically all countries on earth, the scenes are presented in no particular order or arrangement. The book is organised in four time periods – Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, and After Dark.  The locations of each of the plates is shown on a world map at the front, and this records the place, page, and time of day.

The day starts with hot-air balloons soaring over the rock formations and ancient buildings at Cappadocia, Turkey.  Then there is a mixture of scenes covering natural landscapes and features, man-made objects and buildings, and human activity; -the starkness of the Mojave Desert, to a bustling floating market in Vietnam.

New Zealand gets three scenes in this book; the Moeraki Boulders, Franz Josef & Fox Glaciers, and Marlborough’s vineyards.  There are good descriptions of the locations, with suggestions of what to do and look for if you go there.

The After Dark section celebrates city skylines, street food stalls in Asia, party goers and late night entertainment across all continents; and ends with the Northern Lights.

The book is a compilation from Rough Guides authors, and in their words “… we hope that what we have chosen inspires you to book a ticket, travel somewhere new and have your very own Best Day on Earth”.

Title: Best day on earth - the world's most extraordinary experiences from dawn till after dark.
Author: Rough Guides, published by Penguin Random House

Recommended by Ana, Central City Library

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