13 December, 2015

Apocalypse cow by Michael Logan

Apocalypse cow is the winner of the first Terry Pratchett Prize and the joint winner of the “Anywhere but here, anywhere but now” prize, for stories set in alternative universes. The set-up is that Britain has fallen into chaos, with a virus released into the country's livestock and turning them into drooling, mooing, flesh-eating zombie cows.

A small group of survivors have banded together to escape Britain and possibly find a cure: Geldof, a reluctant teenage vegan with a stalker crush on his maths teacher; Terry, an Old-Spice-drenched abattoir worker; and Lesley, a junior reporter at a second-rate paper who is in the middle of the story of her life. They are pursued by Brown, an agent who is hell-bent on keeping the government's involvement in the creation of the virus a secret.

Logan manages to make Apocalypse cow both funny and horrific. It is similar in tone to Black sheep, a New Zealand horror/comedy film.

Author: Michael Logan

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray L enjoys horror, sci-fi, fantasy and mystery books.

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