16 November, 2015

The Narcissist next door : understanding the monster in your family, in your office, in your bed, in your world by Jeffrey Kluger

What is a narcissist and where does the term come from? Narcissus was a Greek youth so in love with himself that he spent all his time gazing at his reflection in a pool, thereby coming to a sticky end. The moral to the tale is obvious and in our times has been applied to those individuals who likewise think they are fabulous, can do no wrong and tend to lord it over the rest of us- hence the term Monster.

Jeffrey Kluger is an award-winning journalist who shows us how to recognise these people, and how to deal with them. He gives us many examples of prominent people who have been or are narcissists, and from his descriptions it is easy to recognise their equivalents in our own society.

I found it fun to guess where the people I know come on the narcissism scale, (especially the ones I don't like. Naughty I know). It's interesting to realise that we are all very different and that science has come to recognise and diagnose different personality disorders. It also made me wonder if I was a narcissist? 

I guess if I am this book would certainly tell me.

Author: Jeffrey Kluger

Reviewed by Clare K, Massey Library

Clare K works at Massey Library in West Auckland. She believes that there is nothing you can't learn from a book, and the more you know the more you grow.

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