17 November, 2015

The joy of missing out: Finding Balance in a wired world by Christina Crook

Just as we offer up suggestions of what we have read to share with you, this is a cyclical process where our next read is inspired by what YOU are ordering in!!

So thank YOU for your book discoveries and ordering them in to your local library, thereby giving us the incidental  joy of finding these little gems.

This little beauty was one such discovery. Particularly timely for this time of year when we are gearing up to that season of celebration and hectic activity it brings. Of course Christmas is so much more than this, and yet when it is over we are physically and emotionally ready for a good long relaxing break. This is when you need to pick up this book and really absorb the message.

The author suggests that deliberately opting out of social media and having selected time frames where you are “offline” can be a liberating experience, rather than being a disabling one.  It allows you to be more mindful and present in real time. Not only that, you will find you achieve more, in a considered and  intentional manner.

Stress levels will reduce and  your calm quotient will slowly increase. Consequently you’ll figure out a way to use social media in a fashion that truly honours your relaxation time, and gives you the boundaries you need to achieve balance across the spheres of your life.

Fans of Gretchen Rubin’s works will really enjoy this title, and in fact if you are interesting in reading further you may like to follow the author’s musings of her own internet fast on her website Letters from a Luddite.

Author: Christina Crook

Reviewed by: Sue W Central

Sue obeys her cats, and lives to please them. Sometimes she is allowed some free time to read, so long as she answers the service bell when it rings. 

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