06 November, 2015

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott


If you enjoyed Harry Potter, the Alchemyst Series is similar in tone but completely different. Scott has taken Greek, Aztec, Egyptian and Celtic mythology and historical figures like Joan of Arc and Billy the Kid and forms them into a complete world.
Fifteen-year old twins Josh and Sophie Newman are staying with their Aunt in San Francisco while their parents are away on an archaeological dig. Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel have been living quietly hiding the Codex (a book of magical recipes that they have used for the last six hundred years to prolong their lives) from the Dark Elders, creatures bent on remaking the world and enslaving (or eating) mankind.
When Nicholas, the owner of the used bookshop where Josh works is attacked by the immortal magician Dr John Dee, he and Sophie discover a world of magic, monsters and ancient gods. The twins are mentioned in the Codex as the twins of legend, destined to save or destroy the world.
With his wife Perenelle imprisoned on Alcatraz, most of the Codex stolen by Dee and his immortality running out Nicholas must find a way to awaken Josh and Sophie’s powers before Dee finds them.
However, when the twins discover that the Flamels have tired and failed to awaken other twins over the years with deadly results they are unsure who they can trust.   
Author: Michael Scott
Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library
Murray L enjoys horror, sci-fi, fantasy and mystery books

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