26 November, 2015

From India with love by Latika Bourke

Latika means a tender flowering climber-a loveable one. Latika was a baby, born to a fourteen year old mother in Bihar. She was brought to the nuns at Fakirana, a day after her birth. An Australian couple adopted her at eight months as the adoption took a long time to be finalised due to red tape.

She was happy and well loved by the Bourke family who had a family of eight children in total. They lived in New South Wales and though she had lived in India for the first eight months of her life , she had no real interest in her birth country.

"Slum Dog Millionaire" was the turning point in her life and this movie made her want to go back to India. Latika goes looking for the nuns in India, who had looked after her with so much of love, when she was a baby. She tries to find her birth family but the lack of records makes it impossible. She realises how lucky she is to have been adopted by such large hearted parents and is happy to have escaped a life of drudgery and poverty if she had gone on to live in the little village with a young unwed mother.

By making this connection with India, she learns to accept her Indian heritage and that it was her first home. This is a positive story about adoption . Latika is grateful to the nuns, her adopted parents and even her birth family. I think Latika is a very loving person with a big heart. She is a very successful political journalist and writes for the " Sydney Morning Herald".

Title: From India with love
Author: Latika Bourke
Reviewed by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library

Kanchan T works as a library assistant.  She loves to read biographies and inspirational stories.

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