01 November, 2015

After Alice by Gregory Maguire

After Alice is a fantastical look at what else happens while Alice is wandering Wonderland.

Alice’s friend Ada (who is briefly mentioned in the original) is to visit the Clowd (Alice’s) residence with a gift, essentially to get her out of the house. Before her chaperone governess can catch her, Ada runs out the door and improperly wanders on her own before seeing the White Rabbit and falling down the hole to Wonderland just minutes after Alice.

This tale takes place both in Wonderland (which is just mentioned as ‘underground’) and above ground in Oxford, England, where Lydia Clowd is having to search for her lost sister despite her best efforts to get out of it. Ada, meanwhile, is going through the mystery and nonsense of Wonderland, searching for her friend and always just a few steps behind her (and everyone else, it seems).

Full of whimsy and quirk, as most Alice in Wonderland retellings are wont to do, the author of the well-known tale Wicked puts his own spin on what is such a classic fantasy, and does it well. A light, charming read for Wonderland lovers, but less of a heavy, plot-driven adventure than Maguire’s other works, After Alice is a pleasant journey through Wonderland with someone who’s a little more sensible than curious Alice.

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Title: After Alice
Author: Gregory Maguire

Recommended by Dana S, Central Library

Dana S loves fairy tales and re-tellings, and is always on the look out for more. Sometimes, she loves them so much that once she's finished a book, she has to spend a couple of days to just be sad that it's over and that she can never read it again for the first time. During this time, I suggest you only approach her with candy, cupcakes and caution, lest she burst into tears on your shoulder.

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