15 November, 2015

A Year of Good Eating : The Kitchen Diaries III By Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater, or “Nige” as my flatmates and I affectionately refer to him, is my favourite food writer. I’ve spent hours pouring over his articles and cookbooks, savouring his words first, and his recipes later. His writing style is familiar and comforting so that it almost feels to me as if he is an old friend, hence the first name basis we’re on.

There is so much to love about Nigel Slater. While his recipes may not be as fancy as those of my other favourites Yotam Ottolenghi or Giorgio Locatelli, this is precisely their genius. These meals aren’t fussy – they consist of simple British fare and comfort foods that can be whipped up at home without too much drama. It is everyday cooking and the book is a record of what Slater eats every day.
This cookbook is written in the style of a journal, complete with philosophical musings on special ingredients, kitchen stories and the occasional glimpse into the author’s life.
Far from being prosaic his writing is sensuous, and relishes in the details of the everyday, celebrating them. You can tell from Nigel’s writing that he is obsessed with food. He refines and reimagines something as simple as cheese on toast until it is perfect, elevating it into something special. 

The book is beautifully bound in blue cloth and its small size makes reading it less like flicking through a cookbook and more like reading a lovely novel. This is a book that should be perused at leisure over a glass of wine and every word devoured.

A Year of Good Eating : The Kitchen Diaries III

Author: Nigel Slater

Recommended by Ella J, Central Library

Ella J
 is a library assistant who has equal amounts of time for literary masterpieces as she does for pop culture icons and is always looking out for something fresh and exciting to get her teeth into.

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