18 October, 2015

The Manly Art of Knitting by David Fougner

Have you been searching for the perfect book of knitting for the man in your life? Or do you just want to learn to knit simply without the complicated bells and whistles that you find in most craft books?

You can turn to The Manly Art of Knitting for a fuss-free, instructional book about the basics of knitting that will appeal to men and women with a sense of DIY and good old number 8 wire mentality.

Originally published 1972 by keen knitter Dave Fougner, this cult classic has finally been reprinted for the modern men (and women) ready to pick up the needles and reclaim the ancient, manly art form. Fougner is a knitting enthusiast with a mission – to encourage men to take up knitting and to get the undercover male knitters out there out in the open.

Fougner’s book is practical, easy to follow, and adorably idiosyncratic. The small book features ideas for simple projects such as a basic beanie, a simple dog blanket, a knitted horse cover, and my personal favourite – a hammock knitted from rope using shovel handles as needles.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at the cool knitting cowboy on the front cover.

Title: The Manly Art of Knitting
Author: David Fougner

Recommended by Ella J, Central Library

Ella J is a library assistant who has equal amounts of time for literary masterpieces as she does for pop culture icons, and is always looking out for something fresh and exciting to get her teeth into.

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