11 October, 2015

Life from scratch: a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness by Sash Mitchell

We all love challenges in every form and some of us even enjoy them. This lovely story is about one such woman who decided to cook, and eat, a meal from every country in the world. Food writer and blogger, Sasha Martin, describes how she cooks 195 recipes from 195 countries in a smashing 195 weeks, in this delightful memoir.

Sasha Martin learnt cooking from an early age in her eccentric mother’s kitchen in Boston, but her young life was far from easy. We find ourselves delving into Sasha’s memories of her youth as she and her brother Michael go into foster care, move overseas, and end up with her acceptance into the Culinary Institute of America. Sasha's adult life follows a whirlwind of cooking and boyfriends until she meets the love of her life, marries him and finally becomes a mother herself. This is one inspiring success story from start to finish!

Throughout this memoir, what struck out for me was the raw honesty in Martin’s writing as she describes her past and the passion she feels for her cooking. Each chapter is embellished with a recipe for readers to try and replicate. Some of the ingredients may sound strange but I think Auckland’s diverse markets and culinary specialists may provide them!

Often poignant and heart-breaking at times, Life from scratch, takes us on a journey illuminating the power of cooking to bond and to heal – and to celebrate the simple truth that happiness is created from within.

If you are one of the many who enjoy sampling recipes from far flung destinations, then this is the book for you!

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Title: Life from Scratch: a memoir of food, family, and forgiveness
Author: Sasha Martin

Recommended by Surani R, Waitakere Central Library, Henderson.
Surani R enjoys reading biographies, travelogues, some non-fiction, and loves fiction that makes you laugh out loud. She also finds comfort in children’s fiction with thought-provoking stories.

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