29 October, 2015

Another by Yukito Ayatsuji

Koichi Sakakibara transfers to Yomiyama middle school following a nasty medical emergency. Upon starting class he finds his fellow students already in the midst of a mysterious crisis that is linked to a decade’s old curse.

I had noticed the hype for Another online and verily, was glad when it got a western translation in print form. Wise decision. Being within the horror boundaries you realise right off the bat some of the characters “will not be long” for these pages. Ayaytsuji however structures the story so that each incident progresses the story and you’re not needing to keep track of dead people’s names.

There is also an overarching sense of mystery surrounding not only the unlucky class, but also Koichi’s families past (particularly his mother's) and that of his new acquaintance, Mei. Trying to unravel these mysteries gives Koichi impetus to attempt breaking down the other characters walls of silence.

Another carries a sense of creepiness about it rather than scariness and builds an atmosphere where needing to know what is going on and what it all means becomes slightly obsessive. Is this for you? Japanese middle schools! Dolls! Creepy girls! Myna Birds! Sounds good right? Teens+

And check out that sweet cover! What? You want the whole story drawn? ...Fine, go check out the manga adaptation here.

Title: Another
Author: Yukito Ayatsuji
Recommended by James W, Mangere Bridge Library

James W now works at Mangere Bridge Library. Cool eh? James owns one cardigan. Unfortunately it is not home knit. James is rubbish at knitting.

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