14 September, 2015

Stroppy old women: 52 Kiwi women, who've been around long enough to know, tell you what's wrong with the world compiled by Paul Little and Wendyl Nissen

Wasteful plastic packaging. Sexism. Sloppy language.  Social inequality. Ill designed bras and public loos. World hunger and chronic illness.

These are just a few of the things wrong with the world, according to some of New Zealand’s best known “old” women. In honest, humorous and plain speaking terms they rant  about  things, big and little, that make them really grumpy about the current state of affairs and about the world in general.

You may identify with some of these pet peeves yourself, be moved or amused by others and I’d say that whether you are 25 or 85 (or male), you will thoroughly enjoy the voices of these wonderful, interesting women of Aotearoa New Zealand!

P.S. If you haven’t already, read  the equally enjoyable Grumpy old men books 1 and 2, in which 95 Kiwi blokes sound off on a range of subjects.

Title: Stroppy old women
Authors: Paul Little and Wendyl Nissen

Reviewed by Suneeta N, Highland Park Library

Suneeta N particularly enjoys biographies, travel stories and reading authors from around the world. She loves a good discussion and believes that everybody has a story worth telling.

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