30 September, 2015

Sing it all away By Walk off the Earth [Music CD]

"Walk off the Earth" first caught my eye with their crazily coordinated and visually stunning video clips that would pop up while browsing my endless Facebook feeds. I "suggested for purchase" this C.D to be brought and after acquiring it, listened to it in my car for two weeks straight, until I got the dreaded email saying that I had to return it.

These two weeks were the best of my life (in a musical sense). In my car I sang, danced (safely, of course), and made a complete idiot of myself to and from work everyday for those two awesome weeks (my car windows are not tinted so everyone could see me looking like a fool).

The band is well known for doing covers and using unusual instruments in their songs. They also have done a remix with Steve Aoki for one of the songs on their newest album. This C.D blew my mind and I'm sharing my love of this band with you so you too can also sing and dance (SAFELY!), in the confines of your car/house/anywhere you want and can also look like a total goofball like me. If this C.D does not totally rock your world then try their other C.D's that we have in our collection.  I tell you that it is totally worth it.

Title: Sing it all away (C.D)
Corporate Authors: Walk off the Earth

Recommended by Emma W

Emma W, a library assistant from East Coast Bays Library, can be found zoning out constantly, requesting way too much stuff, or humming along to the elevator music in her head.

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