17 September, 2015

Genshiken omnibus. 1 Shimoku Kio

Genshiken (Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyūkai or "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture") is a manga series about a University club for otaku (obsessive fans of a variety of media) and their trials dealing with university life, culture clashes and each other.

This manga is great and while I have an affinity toward many of the characters (having some otaku tendencies myself... don't tell my mum), it's the more recognisable elements of each character and interaction which keeps me glued to each story arc. The fear of exposure or acceptance, conformity, pressure from society and peers, sexual attraction and unrequited love. All these appear within the dynamic of this group and are applied not only plausibly by Shimoku, but skillfully also.

Shimoku has created a great dynamic within the Genshiken group with each character well defined artistically and personality wise. Much of the drama is created via personality and/or social clashes with entertaining and sometimes heated exchanges. The artwork is clean and consistent with a special mention to the backgrounds which in some scenes look painstakingly detailed. I mean woah!

Ever wanted to know the inner workings of an otakus mind? Wish their was a group as cool as this at your school/Uni? Read Genshiken! It's great! Teens+

Title: Genshiken omnibus. 1
Author: Shimoku Kio
Recommended by James W, Sir Edmund Hillary Library Papakura

James W wa, nihongo o benkyou shimasu. Mo amari yoku nai desu. Kare wa hon no hou ga terebi yori ga suki da to omotte iru. Sorry sensei, I'm getting better, honest.

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