03 September, 2015

Demon Road by Derek Landy

For those who love Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant books here is the first in a new series.

The opening sentence "Twelve hours before Amber Lamont's parents tried to kill her, she was sitting with them in the principal's office . . . "  sets the tone, and the action gets going very quickly, particularly when she discovers that she is not just an ordinary 16 year old girl, (not very confident in her looks but smart). In fact there is a whole lot she needs learn about her family and herself, which soon becomes apparent.

Amber does irritate me a little in the start due to her naive responses and bad decisions, but then again she has a lot to take on board in a very short time.  The novel hits its stride soon enough, and when they are joined by a young man called Glen, (Irish, annoying , but also endearing in a run your mouth off type of way - a typical Derek Landy character), the characteristic humour comes through.

Amber is forced to go on the run and ends up on an action packed road trip where she encounters vampires, demons, undead serial killers and many more supernatural beings, (even a killer car), all the while being hunted by her parents and their friends. 

Derek Landy does not shy away from grisly details so if you are squeamish be warned, but the mix of scariness and humour works. Obviously if you are familiar with his other books you will know exactly what you are in for. I would also say that if you like the TV series Supernatural then this would be a good book for  you. Recommended for 13+

Title: Demon Road
Author: Derek Landy

Recommended by Anita S, Blockhouse Bay Library

Anita S reads widely and eclectically, but most often random non-fiction fact books, good general and teen fiction, (often dystopian future types), fantasy and sci-fi if they cover a new angle on something, kids books and... actually she'll take a look at most stuff. Books are great! She also loves art and illustration.

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