19 September, 2015

A modern way to cook by Anna Jones

A modern way to cook is the much anticipated follow up to A modern way to eat, the hugely popular debut cookbook by Anna Jones.

You might not have heard of her before but Anna Jones has worked in the industry for many years behind the scenes as part of Jamie Oliver's food team, and is now coming out from behind the kitchen and into the spotlight with two cookbooks of her own.

I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver, regardless of his do-gooder reputation. His approachable, down to earth style works for me, and Anna Jones has a similar breezy, relaxed approach to cooking. Like Oliver, Jones is a cook – not a chef, which means that there's nothing too fancy or fiddly to make in her cookbooks. It's everyday food, quick and easy to prepare but full of colour, flavour and importantly – vegetables.

Rather than being organised by meal type or ingredients, this cookbook is split into sections according to how long they take to cook. There's the “Ready in twenty” chapter for a busy weeknight, or the “Investment cooking” chapter for those times you want to make something a bit special. When you're really desperate you can turn straight to the first chapter in the book “In the time it takes to set the table” that is full of one pot meals and quick salads that you can quickly whip up. That's my kind of cooking.

All of the recipes in this book are vegetarian, most of them gluten and dairy free, or easily adaptable. All the food trends of recent years make appearances. Kale chips, quinoa, zuchinni noodles (Aka zoodles) etcetera but all done in tasty and inspiring ways. If this is modern living I'm all for it.

Title: A modern way to cook
Author: Anna Jones

Recommended by Ella J, Central Library

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