14 August, 2015

The intern's handbook by Shane Kuhn

At 25 John Lago is about to retire, but is recruited into the H.R. organisation after offing his drug-running foster parents. John infiltrates high-level companies as an intern and eliminates their executives.

Interns are invisible - between making photocopies and getting coffee they gain the trust of their targets and, by doing the grunt work, they gain access, allowing them to pull off clean untraceable hits.

John’s last assignment is to infiltrate a prestigious law firm and find out which senior partner is selling the names of people hiding in the witness protection programme. Complicating matters is Alice, a tough FBI agent bent on arresting his target.

Part assassination manual and part confessional, The intern's handbook is plotted like a good B-movie.

Title: The intern's handbook
Author: Shane Kuhn

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray R
enjoys horrors, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy books and good B-movies

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