21 August, 2015

The five secrets you must discover before you die by J. Izzo

Death is a word that is avoided in many cultures. Why? 

Because people think it is a word which represents evil or badness, and they fear it. But the truth is, nobody is able to avoid it. Rich or poor, high or low, mankind becomes completely equal in front of it. 

Since nobody can escape from death, why don’t we choose to face it positively, and relax?

This is what this book wants to tell you. From the title, it seems like this book is about death, but on the contrary, it is about living, and how to live a worthwhile life through practicing the five secrets in your everyday life. (Leave no regrets; Give more than you take…)

It is a guidebook which leads you to review your life from these five secret aspects weekly and to think of how to improve in the next week. 

Finally, the book tells you that it is never too late to live out these secrets.
Do you want a quality life? Do you want to live fearlessly? Then read this book!  

Title: The five secrets you must discover before you die
Author: John Izzo 

Reviewed by Honour Z, Northcote Community Library

Honour Z works at Northcote Library. She loves reading biographies and nonfiction in general.

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