25 August, 2015

The book of memory gaps by Cecilia Ruiz

I'm not usually a reader of graphic novels but this one caught my eye. It is a beautifully illustrated and evocative portrayal of the power of human memory.

Haunting, witty and thought-provoking - each little vignette skims over the surface of a deeper, more profound experience - packing a powerful emotional punch that stays with the reader long after the book has been put down.

This book succinctly captures the essence of memory and how it helps us to identify with ourselves, find our place in the world and define our relationships.

If you’ve never thought of reading a graphic novel let this be your first. A little book you’ll want to keep revisiting and contemplating. I loved it so much it’s made it onto my Xmas list!

The book of memory gaps by Cecilia Ruiz

Reviewed by Jo C, Central City Library

Jo C works as a library assistant at Central City Library and enjoys reading crime fiction, most contemporary fiction and also non-fiction books that inspire creativity and open her mind! Her favourite authors are Margaret Atwood and Stephen King.

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