26 August, 2015

Go set a watchman by Harper Lee

Could the long delayed and unexpected sequel to To kill a mockingbird be any good? Yes, it is. Places are vividly described and characters speak eloquently, if not always to a receptive audience.

Scout Finch has grown up, graduated and been living in cosmopolitan New York for several years when she returns to visit what remains of her family. Her equilibrium is totally upset when she sees her father, Atticus, in despicable company and thinks the worst of him: that he has deserted his principles. 

There are calls throughout the U.S. to end segregation and establish equality. Maycomb town is reluctantly facing change. Fear rides on the winds of change and the whites of Maycomb are wary of their Negro neighbours.

Warning! There are many utterances, by racists, of a word that has always been considered vulgar but now many find very objectionable.

Author: Harper Lee

Reviewed by Christine, Takapuna Library

Christine has worked at North Shore libraries for over 20 years. She likes her fiction to be credible and her nonfiction to be accessible.

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