04 August, 2015

Frances Ha directed by Noah Baumbach (DVD)

The International Film Festival has closed in Auckland, but never fear! Now’s your chance to catch up on all those great films you missed in previous year’s festivals, many of which we hold at the library.

One of my favourite films from the last couple of years was Frances Ha, a contemporary comedy directed by Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg) and written alongside Greta Gerwig, a talented writer/actress/muse and definitely one to watch. Gerwig plays title character, Frances, a chaotic twenty-something trying to live and work in New York with varying degrees of success.

Frances’ story is one that a lot of us will relate to (I definitely did!). She’s in that uncomfortable space between graduating college and entering “the real world” of adulthood. Single, unemployed and essentially homeless for most of the film, Frances feels left behind as her roommate and best friend gets engaged, gets a job, grows up and moves on. This is a sensitive portrayal of female friendship and this is one film that will certainly pass the Bechdel Test.

Frances Ha wears its influences on its sleeve, referencing 1960s French cinema and Woody Allen's early romantic comedies in equal measure. It is filmed entirely in black and white, but remains fresh and original and a delight to watch.

Title: Frances Ha
Director: Noah Baumbach

Recommended by Ella J, Central Library

Ella J is a library assistant who has equal amounts of time for literary masterpieces as she does for pop culture icons, and is always looking out for something fresh and exciting to get her teeth into.

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