28 July, 2015

What you can when you can : healthy living on your terms by Roni Noone and Carla Birnberg

The title of this book says it all; you can work on being healthy by doing a bit at a time. It acknowledges that everyday life sometimes gets in the way of a regular health and wellness program and that is perfectly OK! The authors suggest positive solutions to challenges that could undo your good intentions and give you choices to suit your own lifestyle.

I like the short, sharp chapters - they are perfect for dipping into, and the format is attractive and clear to read with well-selected inspirational quotes highlighting the text.

Suggestions for interacting on the blog and other social media are a great innovation and make this more than just a book because you gain access to a supportive community of like-minded people. The appendix explaining social media will be welcomed by those who haven’t yet ventured into this type of communication.

A great collection of easy-to-do ideas on healthy living for your body and mind delivered with humour and warmth.

You can also read this as an Overdrive eBook - the perfect format to complement the social aspect of #wycwyc.

Title: What you can when you can
Authors: Carla Birnberg & Roni Noone

Recommended by Kathy N, Collections Development

Kathy N can’t go to sleep unless she has read a bit before turning the light off. As well as most fiction, she enjoys craft and lifestyle books to get project ideas for her rural home. She spends her working day buying books for Auckland Libraries.

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