25 July, 2015

Wayward Pines trilogy by Blake Crouch

Often I come to a TV series by way of a book. Sometimes the adaptation does the book justice either by faithful interpretation or reinterpretation...and sometimes not.  However as I started watching the recent TV debut of Wayward Pines, I began to be curious about its literary origins. The TV series starring Matt Dillon is based on a trilogy written by American author Blake Crouch.

So I sought out the all three books in the Wayward Pines trilogy – Pines, Wayward and The Last Town – and pressed pause on the TV show - and am I glad I did! There is nothing as satisfying as finding a good book that you can sit down with in on a rainy afternoon only to emerge hours later hungry for the next installment. So finding three was like all my Christmas’s at once!

This trilogy had me pinned me to the chair turning pages at an eager pace. It’s hard to review these books without giving the game away but if you like an edge of your seat thrilling, unconventional mystery that twists and turns, ratcheting up the tension to the very last line of the Epilogue - then this is the perfect companion for those dark wintry nights in front of the fire.

Blake Crouch’s writing is succinct but skillful and will have you holding your breath as it moves towards revealing the ultimate fate of Wayward Pines. I definitely recommend reading the books before watching the TV series as the adaptation loses some of the tension in its retelling.

Author: Blake Crouch

Reviewed by Jo C, Central City Library

Jo C works as a library assistant at Central City Library and enjoys reading crime fiction, most contemporary fiction and also non-fiction books that inspire creativity and open her mind! Her favourite authors are Margaret Atwood and Stephen King.

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