04 July, 2015

The other son (DVD) directed by Lorraine Levya

This story is about two boys who have been switched at birth in an emergency evacuation .The switch occurs between Joseph born to Jewish parents and Yassin a boy born to Palestinian parents.
The mix up is found only when they are nearing their eighteenth birthday as Joseph is not accepted as a Jew, but denounced as an Arab.

This denies him entry into the Jewish army. Though he thinks like a Jew, he is ostracized by the rabbis. On the other side, of the border, Yassin faces his own dilemmas. His brother cannot come to grips with the fact that he is born to Jewish parents.

Through all this, Yassin and Joseph strike up a friendship and the two families realise that though  there are cultural differences and a lot of enmity over the years, the love of parents for their child is the most important thing and cannot be extinguished. I loved the way the movie has handled sensitive issues like the shock of finding out that their babies were switched at birth and that they belonged to families with different beliefs and identities. All these problems fade away as the two families realise that their love for their child is at the core of their existence. A movie worth watching.

I liked this movie as it was thought provoking and makes us think of the futility of war and the power of love.

Title: The other son
Directed by: Lorraine Levya

Reviewed by Kanchan T, Blockhouse Bay Library

Kanchan enjoys reading biographies, non-fiction and real life stories.

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