20 July, 2015

The making of a man by Tim Brown with James Lund

I chose to read this book not because I am an NFL fan nor a Tim Brown fan, but because I was attracted by the title of the book. As a wife and a mother of teenagers, I wanted to know more about manhood. This book didn’t disappoint.

Not knowing anything about American football didn’t stop me from reading the book as the Chinese say “in one breath” from beginning to end.

The book focuses on four relationships which cover all the facets, and go all the way through a person’s life – the relationship with God, the relationships by blood (with his parents and his children), the relationships with ladies, and the other social relationships with his team, his community and friends. 

Tim recounts the mistakes he made, the temptation he met, the proud gains and heart breaking losses in these relationships.

I love the book. It led me into the internal world of a man, from a church boy, to a sports star who was surrounded by different kinds of temptations, to a passionate father. His relationship with ladies and the consequences he had to bear. How he got out of the negative cycle, and won true love. This is an inspiring read for all including teenagers. 

Tim expresses a lot of keen and honest advice, which he attained from his own experiences, to teenagers and parents in the book. 

A good book will make you think. Not only was I compelled to read this book, but it also made me reflect on and review my own relationships. 

Furthermore, I also learnt about the general rules of American Football, NFL competition criteria and some under-the-table issues too. I will call these a by-product of my reading! 

Author: Tim Brown with James Lund

Reviewed by Honour Z,  Northcote Library

Honour Z works at Northcote Library. She loves reading biographies and nonfiction in general. 

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