09 July, 2015

The falconer’s daughter by N.K. Ashworth

This impressive first novel by a local writer, N.K. Ashworth, has proven to be appealing to tweens, teens and adults alike. Ashworth has lived on Waiheke Island for many years and has recently turned her creative talent from painting to writing. The result is The falconer’s daughter, which is vividly realised, gripping and enchanting. It draws on Ashworth’s passion for mythology and falconry, but is set very much in the real world of modern Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland city.

Maddie is a young girl with a mysterious past, desperate to uncover the truth about the mother she lost along with her memories when she was only four years old. Now, at the age of 14, a series of mysteries begin to unravel Maddie’s world. Who else is visiting her mother’s derelict tower? Does her mother’s medallion really have magical powers? And why does her mother’s unpublished manuscript seem to echo Maddie’s own life? As Maddie digs deeper into these mysteries and begins to care for an injured hawk, the question remains: will she ever know the truth?

This novel has believable, sympathetic characters set in a world where the lines between fantasy and reality have begun to merge. It will have you gripped to the very last page, and leave you reeling with its cleverly crafted twist ending. Whatever your age, I recommend you check it out today.

Author: N.K. Ashworth

Reviewed by Rhiannon B. Waiheke Library

Rhiannon B works at Waiheke Library on Waiheke Island. She is currently doing her research project on how to help tweens find books that will nurture their love of reading, and believes that the reading experience (which is individual to each reader) is what really gives books their significance.

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