30 July, 2015

Reasons to stay alive by Matt Haig

This is one of the most accessible books on depression and anxiety that I’ve encountered in recent times. In essence this is  Matt Haig’s account of his experience of crippling anxiety and depression which struck like the proverbial lightning bolt. I think the crucial point here is that rather than looking for cause and effect, sometimes there is no precursor. 

It is also important to note that Haig’s recovery was not a euphoric moment of triumph but rather a very gradual, incremental easing of the heaviness and  mental warfare of the mind. It almost crept up upon him unawares, causing him to look around and note with surprise that he felt somehow lighter. 

This is not a prescriptive text, more of an account of  Haig’s subjective experience and a sharing of the tools and steps he took to try and loosen the stranglehold the depression and anxiety had on him. 

There is something to be had for everyone within this narrative; greater empathy and compassion from those who have been fortunate enough to never have experienced these conditions, encouragement for those supporting friends and loved ones and of course, plenty for those in the depths themselves. 

It’s great to note this title is also available as an audiobook which can sometimes be an easier medium to engage with if you have a busy mind and are having some trouble concentrating. 

Title: Reasons to stay alive
Author: Matt Haig

Recommended by: Sue W, Central City Library

Sue W obeys her cats and lives to please them, sometimes she is allowed some free time to read so long as she answers the service bell when it rings.

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