27 July, 2015

Heads you lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward

Lisa Lutz, author of the Spellman Files series, has teamed up with first time author David Hayward to collaborate on a mystery novel. The plan is to write alternating chapters without knowing where the plot is going or what the other has planned, at the end of the chapter they will exchange notes.

Siblings Paul and Lacey Hansen live in the nowhere town of Mercer California. When the headless corps of Lacey’s ex-fiancé appears on their property they decide to get rid of the body rather than draw attention to their pot growing business.

When the body reappears back on their property several days later, Lacey decides to quit the pot business and get out of Mercer, but first she’s going to find the killer. Paul and his ex-stripper girlfriend (who’s a lot smarter than she appears) are drawn into Lacey’s investigation.

As the relationship between Lutz and Hayward (former romantic partners) becomes feral the body count rises and the placid town of Mercer becomes a hot-bed of blackmail, adultery and murder.

I liked the story within a story idea, it was entertaining to watch the authors dredge up relationship issues from the late '90s, use characters to snipe at each other and wrestle over the plot.

Heads You Lose has everything you would want in a mystery a quick pace, interesting characters, red herrings, cliff-hangers, plus and a glimpse of what goes into writing a novel.

Title: Heads you lose
Author: Lisa Lutz, David Hayward

Recommended by Murray L, Devonport Library

Murray L works at Devonport Library and enjoys reading mysteries, sci-fi and horror.

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