17 July, 2015

British clubs and societies, an A-Z by Gordon McKie

British clubs and societies an A-Z  by Gordon McKie

This is an interesting book which details about sixty different clubs and societies in Britain.  It is not an exhaustive listing, rather it provides a selection of clubs – and in a couple of pages for each it gives a good description of the club, its origin and history, well known members, where it is located, and its current status.

It is arranged alphabetically starting with The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (RAOB) and ends with The Zoological Society of London.  The RAOB motto is ‘Philanthropy and Conviviality’ and it raises money for charitable causes, was set up in the late 18th century.

The book describes many of the famous historical clubs in London, such as the Athenaeum Club, whose membership has included names like Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, T S Eliot, Sir Alec Guinness, Anthony Trollope and W B Yeats.  The club is very proud of the fact that 52 of its members have won a Nobel Prize.

Other clubs are The Flat Earth Society, which promotes the idea that the Earth is flat, the Eccentric Club, the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society, the Slow Society, which is for the environment and against capitalism, etc. There are the more learned organisations like the, the Royal Society of Literature and the University Women’s Club.  the London Scrabble League, the Steam Car Club of Great Britain, and the Left Handers’ Club, to identify some.
Also clubs for very specific interests;

This book is well worth picking up to have a browse through, it is interesting and light-hearted, and shows a slice of British society from working peoples’ clubs to the elitist organisations whose members are drawn from royalty and parliament.

Author: Gordon McKie 

Recommended by Ana, Central Library

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