25 June, 2015

Unabrow. Misadventures of a late bloomer by Una LaMarche

You’ve seen the cover of this book so no surprises at the title of this memoir. This is  vitamin c for the mind to immunise against the winter blues.

There is something hugely appealing about meeting someone who is willing to mine their own flaws and imperfections for comic material. Think Jacqui Brown, Miranda or Lena Durham. Funny females are powerful.

You know those awkward cringe inducing period of your life you choose to bury? Una Lamarche deliberately goes fossicking around for them, pulling out the most ludicrous shame making memories.

All those fashion choices thought to be the height of sophistication, clumsy attempts to lure boys once hormones started stirring, not to mention the shame of a virginity that refuses to leave home.

This memoir is never going to be a contender for literary greatness however it is funny, irreverent and so recognisable. All in all a perfect antidote to gloomy mood.

 If you are wanting to peruse a smorgasbord of similar humour, might I also suggest the following books;

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Title: Unabrow. Misadventures of a late bloomer.
Author:  Una LaMarche

Recommended by Sue W, Central City library

Sue W  loves to read and never has enough time to do so. Sue's cats are jealous of books and feels she pays the written word way too much attention at the expense of more important things, like feeding them.

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